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Best Inflatable Pools for Families

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Inflatable pools are a great option for people who want to cool down by dipping in the water.

Why choose an inflatable pool?

Summer is heating up. It can be hard to find budget-friendly ways to stay cool. Many folks dream about lounging by a poolside with a drink in their hand, however you may not have a pool for relaxing and cooling down. Installing a pool is expensive and may not be an option if you are a renter. Perhaps you can still enjoy the family fun and comfort of a pool with an inflatable pool. An inflatable pool is cost-conscious and portable. The best part about a temporary pool is that it can be put up and taken down on the same day. Many communities limit pools to in-ground only or have specific requirements or hurdles to erecting pools that are up for more than a day, with an inflatable pool you can avoid violating any permanent structure regulations of where you live but also quickly beat the heat.

I titled this "the best pools for families", but families come in different sizes. Some families are composed of adults with small children, others with older children, and some are just adults. I am listing these pools with the diverse compositions of families in mind. The categories considered include:

  • Best Inflatable Pools with Seating

  • Best Inflatable Lounging Pool for Adults

  • Inflatable Pools for Small Children

  • Best Inflatable Pool for Adults and Children

  • Best Inflatable Pool for Groups of Teens or Adults

  • Best Inflatable Pools with Warranty

  • Best Portable Pools for Pets

Inflatable Pools with Seats

Most inflatable pools are large enough to lounge in but not deep enough to swim. If you are going to lounge then you should do it in style and opt for an inflatable pool with built-in seating. Pools with built-in seats allow for optimized spacing between occupants and a wonderful place to sit while cooling off.

Pros: Cushioning protects from sitting on the hard ground

Cons: Enough space for several occupants; Recommended Weight Limitations for the lounge seating may limits who can use the cushioned seating

Best Inflatable Lounging Pool for Adults

As someone who stands over 5'10", I consider an adult pool to be one where you can sit and be submerged at least to your shoulders. Many inflatable pools are shallow and allow children to quickly step in over the sides. This option is 31 inches deep with a cushioned lounge to rest on.

Pros: The pool comes with a cover to place over the pool when not in use to prevent leaves and bugs from accumulating.

Cons: The sides of the pool are more collapsible if not filled due to the wall height.

Inflatable Pools for Small Children

Perhaps you don't wish to splash around but need a place to allow the little ones to cool off, then a good kiddie pool is a good buy. Depending on the age and height of your children you may want to go with a shallow option with fun features. Many kiddie pools include play features to keep the little ones busy. I listed 2 great options in this category due to activities to keep the little ones busy. The splash pool is better for younger toddlers whose coordination is still developing as the slides may be too advanced for them.

Pros: Shallow kiddie pools allow most children to safely enter and exit the pool independently

Cons: These are child-only pools. Adults cannot join in to cool off.

Best Pool for Adults with Small Children

This pool is good for lounging while letting the little ones splash in a confined space. It can hold 2 averaged sized adults with 1-2 small children.

Pros: It has a little canopy for some shade; Not too deep for small children

Cons: Limited space

Best for Groups of Teens or Adults

The more the merrier however most inflatable pools are smaller side. If you want a few friends to be able to join you it can be hard to locate an inflatable pool to accommodate a group. The Intex inflatable ring pool can hold a small party of friends. This pool comes in different widths from 8ft to 18ft wide and from 2 to 4 feet deep. The pool can be purchased with or without a pool pump and filter in case you want to leave it up for more than one day. This option is less child-friendly due to the higher sides, therefore children should not be left in this pool without close supervision.

Pros: Large and quick setup; Deeper water depth

Cons: You would probably need a short pool ladder to get in and out.

Best Inflatable Pools with Warranty

A major concern with anything inflatable is the potential for your bubble to burst literally. With inflatable pools, it is a good idea to place them in a location with a flat surface or as few sharp rocks as possible. However, on occasion accidents happen especially with playful use of the pool. Intex is an established brand of inflatable pools that has warranties on their inflatable pools ranging from 90 days to 1 year giving extra peace of mind to splash around and have fun in your pool.

Bonus: Best Portable Pool for Pets

Fur babies are members of the family as well and they like a good splash as well. I don't think inflatable pools and claws go well together, so my option for a pet pool is not inflatable. I recommend checking out the FrontPet Pool on Amazon.

Pros: Foldable with a non-slip base

Cons: The large pool option can accommodate most dog sizes but huge breeds will have to go for their extra-large pool option.

Important Considerations

  • Consider the age, height, and size of the intended pool occupants when selecting an inflatable pool

  • Invest in an air pump to help speed up the setup of your pool.

  • Check the weight capacity on pools with built-in seating to avoid purchasing a product you cannot use.

  • Large pools for more than 4 occupants may warrant adding a water treatment tablet to keep the water clean

  • Set up your pool on level surfaces for best use

  • No matter how shallow, never leave small children unattended in pools. Drowning can occur in inches of water.

Key Takeaway

Inflatable pools offer an affordable and convenient option for people who want the comfort of a pool without the permanent expense of other pools. An inflatable pool can be quickly set up and stored for later.

Disclosure: This post may contain links to affiliate websites. If you make a purchases through the links I may get a small commission or other form of compensation at no extra cost to you. Please assume links on the website are affiliate links. The use of affiliate links does not influence the products recommended to you.

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