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Best Shower Mirrors

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Shower mirrors are a valuable addition to any bathroom and make it easier to groom while bathing. Shower mirrors make grooming easier and eliminate the extra cleanup required for sink-side shaving. I have compiled this list of excellent shower mirrors to upgrade your in-shower grooming experience.

1. Shave Well Deluxe Anti Fog Mirror

I consider a good basic introduction to shower mirrors. The price is budget friendly, it is shatterproof and fogless. It hangs by suction so it is easy to readjust its height as needed. This is basic so no additional features to store razors.

  • Pros : Does not fog, Shatterproof

  • Cons: Unable to rotate, no razor rest

  • Price: Budget friendly option at around $10

2. Honeybull Shower Mirror

This mirror has the features of the Shave Well but includes a razor holder in case you did not have another convenient place to store your razors in between use. It also is a very budget friendly option for a shower mirror.

  • Pros : Razor holder included, Fogless

  • Cons: Unable to rotate

  • Price: $14

3. Luxo Shower Mirror

The first two options can meet most people's basic needs however some like the ability to rotate their mirror during shaving to get a better view of their face. If you want a mirror capable of rotation then the Luxo Shower Mirror is a solid option.

  • Pros : Rotates, Fogless, Razor rest

  • Cons: smaller circular mirror

  • Price: $20

4. MDesign Large Modern Metal Shower Mirror

This mirror is large with extra storage for grooming items beyond just the razor. It attaches to the wall via suction. Its only shortcoming is the inability to rotate.

  • Pros : Large, Razor holder, shelf for soap or shaving cream, fogless

  • Cons: Unable to rotate

  • Price: $24

5. Toilet Tree Deluxe LED Fogless Shower Mirror

This mirror is my personal favorite due to all the well thought out details and features. It has built in LED lighting which is useful for showers in which your available lighting may be inadequate while shaving. Although the price is higher I believe the included features make this purchase worth the dime.

  • Pros : LED lighting, razor holder, squeegee to clean, larger mirror, shatterproof

  • Cons: Unable to rotate

  • Price: The highest priced option at around $40

The Convenience of Shower Mirrors

Older shower mirrors were frequently plagued by problematic condensation however, updated versions are often fogless. Fogless mirrors are a game-changer for people who prefer hot showers to cold bathing. Given the new features available in shower mirrors, now is a good time to reconsider adding this feature to your bathroom.

The mirrors listed above offer solid features and functionality that warrant giving them a spot on your bathroom wish lists.

Disclosure: This website may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we recommended.

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