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I love a good bargain or buy

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

They say the first step is an introduction, so allow me to introduce myself. I am someone who seeks to explore, indulge and create without going broke to reach their goals. I find myself inspired by websites and posts that expose me to new ideas to enhance my enjoyment of life through my surroundings or experiences. While I wish to try something new I am mindful of the cost of each venture and how it impacts my budget. In short my motto of life is less YOLO (you only live once) and more ANGDFT (Ain’t Nobody Got Dimes For That).

Just because I don’t make it rain with cash on my indulgences does not mean that I do not indulge. Instead, I seek out cost effective ways to pursue my interests. I am now inviting others to join me on my journey as I share ways that I have found to attain my interests with less financial hits. When applicable I will share products, services or websites that I used to accomplish my goals.

I have always found the balance to saving money and losing due to poor choices in the interests of saving cash an interesting one. As my dear mother says, “Too cheap, no good”. You have to balance quality with expense or else your frugality may end up costs you more in the end. With that in mind I never try to take shortcuts that may end up leaving me with expensive headaches to resolve such as questionable do it yourself electrical work that may risk my personal safety. Safety in general is important and also avoiding additional costs from having to redo a project or poor planning for actual expenditures.

I love saving some money and strive to enjoy my lifestyle. Perhaps we share the same interests, if so this blog maybe useful for my fellow budget balancers.

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