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Luxurious Travel for Less

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

A quick intro to my travel blogs. I will dedicate the posts found within the travel section to adventures and specific recommendations of items or experiences that are worth trying if you choose the same or similar destination. I will share how I avoid undesired additional expenses while enjoying high level amenities or experiences. I like to travel domestically within the USA and internationally. I always plan trips with friends and family.

I travel solo as well as in groups. Below is a picture of another upcoming trip that I will report back on in the future. I have been to Paris in the past, however for this upcoming trip I will be flexing my travel muscles and making arrangements for myself and nine other individuals through 4 countries. Apparently my travel acumen has caused several travel related businesses to mistaken me for a travel agent recently (hmm, maybe I have found a new business venture). In any case I am gathering a lot of knowledge from having to actually plan around the interests and physical limitations of others. If you have a trip that you wish to suggest, a topic that you would like discussed, or a general question please reach out on the contact page.

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